Athens, I Love You

This is the post excerpt.


I never knew just how much I loved the city of Athens, GA, until I was just months away from leaving it. Senior year began and graduation still felt so far away but yet here I am, already January, wondering where the time went.

My friends and I recently discussed all of the things we love about Athens, the things we will most remember when we were gone. That is when it dawned on us… We had to do everything we either loved to do in Athens or do the things we had always wished we had done. It all started with a giant piece of paper hung in our living room with the words “Athens Bucket List” written across it. We all then took our sharpies and started writing all around it the things we held so dear to us and the things we have always wanted to do.

When thinking about what to write on this blog throughout this semester (my last semester of college), I believe there is no more perfect of a topic than Athens, I Love You. This is a place that has believed in me, shaped me and showed me there is nothing better than standing in between 2 hedges on a Saturday.

Each week I will check off one thing on our Athens Bucket List and write about my experiences here.

This blog is dedicated to the place that will always have a piece of my heart.

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