Athens, I Love You

This is the post excerpt.


I never knew just how much I loved the city of Athens, GA, until I was just months away from leaving it. Senior year began and graduation still felt so far away but yet here I am, already January, wondering where the time went.

My friends and I recently discussed all of the things we love about Athens, the things we will most remember when we were gone. That is when it dawned on us… We had to do everything we either loved to do in Athens or do the things we had always wished we had done. It all started with a giant piece of paper hung in our living room with the words “Athens Bucket List” written across it. We all then took our sharpies and started writing all around it the things we held so dear to us and the things we have always wanted to do.

When thinking about what to write on this blog throughout this semester (my last semester of college), I believe there is no more perfect of a topic than Athens, I Love You. This is a place that has believed in me, shaped me and showed me there is nothing better than standing in between 2 hedges on a Saturday.

Each week I will check off one thing on our Athens Bucket List and write about my experiences here.

This blog is dedicated to the place that will always have a piece of my heart.

Porterhouse Brunch

Somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for forever is Porterhouse! But not just on any day! I’ve always wanted to go on Sunday! Why? Because that’s when their famous brunch is! You go and pay 16.99 and you have full access to the best food around, including: and omelet bar and a pancake bar!

I went this past Sunday and it was everything I imagined it to be! Fabulous! I recommend that if you go, you time it well because it can get quite busy when the church crowd starts to roll in!

Georgia Theater

The Georgia Theater is a staple in this Athens community. It is where the most eclectic and unique bands preform almost on a nightly basis.

Some of my favorite nights have been spent at the Georgia Theater!

Its not a large venue and for the most part is standing room only. This might not sound like your cup of tea but the positive to this, is that there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

I have seen some of my favorite bands/singers including Cherub, Kenny Cheney & Yacht Rock. Each of these concerts was probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.

I even had the opportunity to have my sprite formal here and it was my favorite date night by far! Great friends, great drinks and even better music. We were able to rent out the entire venue for the night.

One of my favorite hidden gems of Georgia Theater that not everyone knows about is there rooftop bar. It is amazing! There is nothing better than a cold drink and their amazing food looking out over downtown Athens at sunset. It makes me nostalgic just thinking about it.

If you ever get the chance to visit Georgia Theater, take it! You can look online on their website to see which bands are playing or you can show up at rooftop pretty much any day of the week as long as their is good weather!

Hope you enjoy!


Taqueria Del Sol

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI don’t think there is enough room on this page to write about my love for Taqueria Del Sol.

This is hands down my favorite restaurant in Athens. Once I discovered this place I decided that no other Mexican restarting can hold my heart.

My order never varies and I go at least once a week. 2 fried chicken tacos & a side of cheese dip & of course you can’t forget the margarita on the rocks.

The atmosphere of this place is like no other. It is an upscale quick serve Mexican restaurant. You wait in line and order at the counter. Once you order then you can go and find a seat and they bring out your appetizers within 3 minutes and food within 5. It is so fast!

If you drive by and see a long line, don’t let it deter you, they keep it moving so quick (And you can get a margarita while you wait)! Most of their seating is outside but they have it covered (with heaters) so that people can still eat even when it is cold or raining.

Here are a few tips:

1) try not to go at the most popular times, for example, Friday at 7pm.

2) do not save tables while other people in your party order. The manager will not be happy (they have a good system, trust it!)

3) don’t move tables. Another no-no! Management will do this for you and they want to. When you go up to the counter to order tell them how many aren’t in your party and they will find you seating!

4) definitely order appetizers – their guacamole, cheese dip & salsa trio are so good I could eat all 3 in one sitting

5) their tacos are always a good idea but their enchilada is also to die for – it has h best sauce you’ll ever taste on an enchilada

These tips will definitely help your visit go as good as possible! Take them into consideration when you go!

I hope you get the chance to visit Taqueria Del Sol & that you will love it as much as I do!



My Athens Favorites

As you all can tell by now, the city of Athens has to be one of my favorites. It encompasses some of my favorite restaurants, shops & adventures. I wanted to post the list of places that have become my favorite over the past 3 year and will always hold a special place in my heart.

First, I’ll start with the best coffee shops:

1) Hendershots
2) 1000 Faces
3) Ike & Jane – (yummy donuts!!)
4) Big City Bread
5) Two Story

Any of these places listed above is where you can not only find the best coffee but a great place to study.

Next, the best places for lunch:

1) Pauley’s (most people don’t know that they have the best lunch sandwiches!!)
2) Marti’s at Midday
3) Em’s Kitchen
4) Homemade
5) Food For The Soul (OMG! Has the best soul food in Athens – this place is to die for)

After Lunch Comes Dinner:

1) Taqueria Del Sol – OMG this is my favorite spot in Athens, HANDS DOWN! Their fried chicken tacos are a must
2) Five Bar – uhm yes! You must try the baked avocado & cheeseburger
3) Last Resort – An Athens classic (might wanna bring your parents $$$$)
4) Seabear – I talked about Seabear already but it has quickly become on of my favorites
5) Shokitini – I am a huge sushi fan & this is my go to place for it

My favorite shops in Athens – how do I choose?!

1) American Threads
2) Indigo Child
3) Cheeky Peach
4) Urban Outfitters
5) Heery’s – A little more on the expensive side but if you hit their 50% off sale after Christmas break you can score some killer deals


1) Iron Horse
2) Tree Room – where my graduation party is going to be in May! The most beautiful place
3) The Botanical Gardens – the most beautiful place to take a walk with friends
4) Saturday in Athens – (Duh)
5) Georgia Theatre – One of my favorite places to see a concert – a true Athens landmark

Athens, I Love You!





If you haven’t heard of Seabear, you are not alone! I had never heard of thiseabears place until my roommate told me about her glorious experience. It is an oyster bar located on Prince Avenue.

Although, Oysters are there specialty they have a wide variety of items on their menu. Their clam chowder is to die for & so is their grilled cheese. They have happy hour as well! And I am talking about oyster happy hour! $1.50 oysters from 3-6PM and 10PM-12AM. (They also have drink happy hour as well :-))

Their pricing isn’t too bad either! For the amount of food you get + the quality of the food is well worth the price.

The atmosphere is to die for as well. It would be the perfect place to have a date or relax with friends.

If you ever have the chance, go check it out!


Iron Horse

img_5745If you go to school at UGA, then you have most likely heard of Iron Horse. To people passing by it might not look like much but to UGA students it is one of the hidden gems that Athens has to offer.

There are definitely two best times to go to the Iron Horse: sunrise & sunset.

My friends and I set a goal of experiencing a sunrise at Iron Horse. This last weekend we loaded up in our cars, took our coffee mugs and drove out to Watkinsville while it was still dark outside.

It is something that is quite hard to describe because it is so beautiful. When the sun rises over the field for the first time, it brings a sense of peace with it.

It is just you and your closet friends admiring God’s glory in all it’s greatness.

If you have the chance to go, do it! Like I stated above, I would recommend going at sunrise or sunset. It’s truly beautiful.


The Niche

Next up on my Athens Bucket list… The Niche! I transferred to the University of Georgia my sophomore and never got to experience the dining halls!

I heard the only one that matters is The Niche! It’s the hidden gem of dining halls here on campus and most people don’t go a lot because it’s alittle further away.

My sweet roommate was given passes to the dining hall of her choice and she was kind enough to give me a pass! It was decided without hesitation we were going to The Niche!

I am going tomorrow morning so I will post back here after my experience! Be on the lookout!